New to buying online?


The first few times you buy something online can be daunting. So if you are unsure on how to purchase the items you want, here are some step by step guidlines to assist.

With these instructions we will assume this is your first purchase on our website. If you have bought from here before, thats fine. You can still follow along with these instructions but you won’t need to do some of the steps.

Firstly, if you are going to be using your Credit or Debit card, get it ready now so you don’t run around looking for it when the time comes. If you are going to pay via EFT, not to worry, at the end of the process you will receive an email with our banking details and you can pay at your earliest convenience.

Adding products to your cart


You are already on the website so browse the products (you can see all of them here at ), find the first item you are thinking of buying and click on the image.


The product page will now load. You will be able to see some more images of the item and read a little info about it. If you are sure you want to buy it, great, lets make sure we have it in your size.


On each product page, you will see a drop down menu titled “Shoe Sizes” or just “Sizes”, depending on whether you’re looking at shoes or clothing. Click the menu which has “Choose an option” written on it. Once clicked you should see all the sizes available and click on your size.


Once you have done that, you’ll see underneath the size menu how many are in stock. You will probably see something like “4 in stock” which means you are in luck. If you see “Out of stock” then unfortunately you’re going to need to either find a different product or try again another day when hopefully more stock has arrived.


Now you can select how many you want of this particular item in this size. You can click the plus sign (+) next to the number “1″ and with every click the quantity increases by one. If you go too far, not to worry, just click the minus sign () to reduce the number to the desired amount.


Now that you have the item you want, in the size you want and the correct quantity, you are ready to add it to your shopping basket. So go ahead, click the “Add To Basket” button.


If you want to continue shopping for more items, great, just repeat steps 1 to 6 and once you have all the items you want continue to the next step.


At the top right of the page, you will see a little trolly basket icon. Just to the right of it will be the number of times you have added to your basket. Go ahead and click that icon.


A small block will popup showing your item/s the subtotal and two buttons, one called “Checkout” and the other “View Basket”. Go ahead and click the checkout button.

Completing your checkout


You will now find yourself on the checkout page. You can ignore the returning customer and coupon details at the top of that page (if you have coupon, don’t worry, we will add it later on) and head to the “Billing Details” section.


Here you need to fill in all the relevant information into the correct boxes. If the box has an asterisk (*) it means it is mandatory and you must fill it out.


Once you have filled out your name, street address, telephone number and email address, you need to create a password. Try use something hard to crack with lots of characters – use upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and even symbols. As you type your password, a bar underneath will show you how good it is. Keep adding characters until the bar turns green and it says “strong”. Ideally you want a password that look similar to this example G8&hr45@Srr (Please do not use this password, its purely an example!)


After that, if you need the items delivered to a different address than your street address, put a tick in the “Deliver to Different Address” box and more fields will open up and you can type the other address in there. If you are delivering to the address you already filled in, great, just leave as is.


Right at the bottom is a “Order Notes” field you can put info that you think we or the courier driver needs to know. For example, “My buzzer on the front gate is broken so please hoot when you arrive and I will come open for you.”


Now scroll back up to the top of the page and look at the information on the right, in the light grey box. Here you will see a breakdown of your order so make sure its all correct. You will also see what your shipping will cost.


Now you can select how you would like to pay. You can select Credit/Debit Card or EFT. Credit/Debit Card is selected by default so click EFT if that’s the one you want.


Now you will see the check box for “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions”  You can click the phrase “terms and conditions” and have a read to make sure you are happy with them.


Once read, and you’re happy to proceed, put a tick in the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions box.


Now you are ready to pay. If you selected Credit/Debit card you will see “Proceed to Pay” and if you selected EFT  you will see “Place Order”. Go ahead and click that.


If you left anything out or the website thinks you made an error, you will get a warning and a note letting you know what it thinks you need to fix. It will also highlight those sections in red making it easy to see what needs to be addressed.


Depending on which payment option you chose, select the same option below to see what to do next.


If you selected EFT you should get a message that says “Thank you. Your order has been received.” It will show you your order number, our banking details and other information about your order. You will also receive an email with the same information.


When you process the EFT, please use the order number (your order will remain on hold until payment has been received). Once payment is received, we will process and deliver the item/s to your requested address.


If you chose Debit/Credit Card Payment, you will be taken to our secure credit/debit card payment page. Enter your card details and click next.


You should now receive a OTP (one time pin) sms or banking notification on your phone. Enter your OTP and click “Submit“.


You will now be redirected back to the website. A “Google Customer Review” box will most likely appear and you can either click yes or  no depending on whether you would like to leave a review.

You should see a green bar with “Thank you, Your order has been received” and under that you will see information about your order. You will also receive an email with this information.